Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A+7=10 Verify
A+7-7=10-7 A+7=10
A=3 3+7=10

7+a=10 7+a=10
7+a-7=10-7 7+3=10
a=3 10=10

b-4=3 b-4=3
b-4+4=3+4 7-4=3
b=7 3=3

4-b=3 4-b=3
4-6-4=3-4 4-1=3
-b=-1 3=3

4c=12 4c=12
4c/4=12/4 4(3)=12
c=3 12=12

c4=12 c4=12
c4divide4=12divide4 3x4=12
c=3 12=12

d/2=7 d/2=7
d/2x2=7x2 14/2=7
d=14 7=7


Pleas leave lots of coments the next scribe will be from Eddy.


Kim44 said...

great job! i liked how u verified all of them

larrisamaee said...

good job , i liked how you explained how to do algebra . but you should put what else we did in class, still you did a good job ! :)

michael44 said...

good job putting all the answers

Elona744 said...

Awesome job Willy !
I liked how you explained everything . You could of added a video about algebra .
But good job =D

charis said...

good job ! u should put more infomation because we did more than that but good job anymore

Raquel744 said...

good job willy , i liked how you put the algebra that we did in class , but you still did a good job ! (:

Kisha744 said...

Nice job. but you didn't really explain how to do it or anything. so some people still might not understand it.

bruce7-44 said...

good job on the blog,but i think you should have put what lesson we did on T.L.E.But good job on posting the algebra questions.

jerick44 said...

good job willy, i liked how you verified all of the equations.

ChristineAnne44 said...

GREAT JOB willy! i liked how u explained everything. but u should have added more stuff on wat we did in class.. like number of the day, or added a video.. anyways GREAT JOB!

Warren744 said...

Good Job, I like how you verifed all of the algrebra questions

jecelyn44 said...

Good job Willy
but next time try putting in some more things like color and some pictures but good job anyway

jarret7-44 said...

great job! I like how you explaind how to do algebra. But you should put more information to your scribe other then that it was ok.

jaeson7-44 said...

Good job willy, i liked how you verified all of the question, and next time you should add some colors.

Alvin744 said...

nice job willy but you forgot a video and a image make sure you remember next time

Zerlina 873 said...

Great job! I liked how you used a lot of examples! But there was no colour at all. No pictures or anything. Not even text. Just examples that would be hard to understand because there were no instructions. But you still did well by putting examples, great job again.

Marielle 7-44 said...

Good Job Willy! i liked how you verified all of the questions, and you could've added a video or a picture in your scribepost. (:

Mhaicelina7-44 said...

good job Willy i liked how you laid out everything !!GREAT JOB!!

elissa44 said...

good job , i like how you verified the questions.
but you could of put a picture or video , to make it more interesting :) ! but anyways good job

jeric744 said...

good job willy i liked how u showed everything like how to verify and stuff. Good Job!

Alexander44 said...

Good Job Willy Though you could of put more things but over all nicely done.

mikayla7-44 said...

heey good job!!! lots of coulor* good jod agian!!!

Darnell7-44 said...

Good job Willy, But you should explain how to do these questions.

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