Friday, March 13, 2009

Scribe post for March 13

Today in class we did number of the day which is homework everyday and the number was 2468.135
Half of the number: 1234.0675
Number in expanded form: 2000+400+60+8+0.1+0.03+0.005
Number in written form: two thousand four hundred sixty-eight and one hundred thirty-five thousandths
Number rounded to the nearest 100: 2500
Number in the tenths place: 1
Number doubled: 4936.27
Number in expanded notation: 2x103+4x102+6x101+8x100+1x100-1+3x10-2+5x10-3
Use the number in the hundredth's place as a base and tenth's place as a power: 34
The power above in factored form: 3x3x3x3
Cube the number in the 1's place: 512
Square the number in the 100's place: 16
Divide the number by 3.55 and round to the nearest hundredth: 695.25
The product of all the numbers: 5760
The prime numbers: 2,3,5
Write the number in scientific notation: 2.468135x103
Combine the numbers in the 1's place and the 10's place respectively to make a two digit number and write the prime factors: 2,43
Write a fraction using the 1000's place as the denominator and the tenth's place as the numerator: 1/2
Use any 2 numbers and make an improper fraction: 5/2
Use any 2 numbers and make a mixed fraction: 1 2/4
Write the answer to number 22 as a decimal: 1.5
Draw a picture to represent the answer to number 22: [****] [** ]
Write the answer to number 21 as percent: 250%
I'm sorry if the answers are not correct but i did my best.
In class all we did was text book work about probability in Math Links page 180 question 1-10.
I pick Krystal to do the blog.
Here is a website about math


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vicky7-44 said...

good job alex, i like how you used the colour for the answers.

Alvin744 said...

lol good job alex and ITS NOT THE BEST its 2nd because MINES THE BEST and wheres the video ?!?!??!/

Darnell7-44 said...

Good job alex on using the colours and, dont comment about yourself.

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nice post , um you didn't put whos doing to next blog ..

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good job alex but its not the best because you messed up. Whos next and a little messy though

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Good job alex, i liked how you answered all of the # of the day questions.

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good job on answering all the number of the day answers.nice scribe.

Kisha744 said...

good job alex, you explained everything. and i thought you said you were gonna pick me? haha, and why'd you comment on your own blog.

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good job alex , one of the best i've seen .

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Good job on the blog ... but it kinda looked like darnells a bit but it was slightly colourful. Anyways Good JOB !!!!

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charis said...

good job alex . i liked how you used your answers on red . and why would you comment on your own blog ?

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good job , alex.
i liked how you wrote alot , and good use of colours . for the answers.

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wow.good job alex.and thanks for the pick...

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goood job I liked your picture

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good job alex its really loooong (:

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good job (:

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good job alex you put alot of time into it hahaha!! :)

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