Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scribe Post March 12.2009


Hello everybody. Today we did number of the day and the mast test we have every thursday.


Todays number was:1247.936
Half the number of the day:623.968
Write the number of the day in expanded form:1000+200+40+7+0.9+0.03+0.006
Write the number of the day in written form:one thousand two hundred forty seven and nine hundred thirty six thousandths.
Round the number of the day to the nearest 100:1200
What number is in the tenths place:9
The number of the day doubled is:2495.872
Write the number of the day in expanded notation:
Write of power using the number in the 100th place as the base and the number in the 10ths place as the exponent:34
Write the above power in factored form:3x3x3x3=81
Cube the number in the ones place: 73=7x7x7=343
Square the number in the hundreds place:22=2x2=4
Divide the number by 3.55 and round to the nearest hundredth:351.53
The product of all the number in the number of the day is:9072
List all the prime numbers in the number of the day:2,3,7
Write the number in scientific notation:1.247936x103
The whole number is divisible by:NOTHING
Combine the numbers in the 1s place and the 10s place respectively to make a two digit number and write the prime factors:
Write a fraction using the 1000s place as the denominator and the tenths place as the numerator:1/9
Use any two numbers to make an improper fraction:9/7
Use any of the numbers to make a mixed fraction:1 1/2
Write the anser to number 22 as a decimal:1.50
Draw a picture to represent the answer to number 22:[++++] [++ ]
Write the anser to number 21 as a percent:128%
I showed the number of the day answers because some of you dont do your number of the day and leave some questions out. Thats why number of the day is homework EVERYDAY.
I have 3 hoodies (black,blue,red) 4 t-shirts (white,green.yellow,black) 4 pants (white,blue,black,red) 3 shoes (white,brown,black) How many outfits can you make?
= 144 Outfits.
What is the probability that I will wear all black?
1/8 12.5% 1:8
The person i pick next for the blog is: KRYSTAL


Raquel744 said...

hii , good job on the blog darnell ! oh , make it more colourful next time ! (: anyways , good job .

Kisha744 said...

haha you picked krystal, dnt change it to me. good job, and oh my haha your videos like 44 minutes ahha

jecelyn44 said...


bruce7-44 said...

good job on the blog but you should use more colors next time. Don't give the number of the day answers .

Alexander44 said...

Good job Darnell its awesome that you put the Number of the day answers, though you should of uses darker colors because it was hard to see yellow on white, though over all nice work

Alexander44 said...
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Alexander44 said...

Also Darnell you could of asked Isfeld to put your email on the list

vanessa 744 said...

haha. DARNELL aka elona . great video but i think you should've used a different colour besides yellow and black. yellow was kinda hard to see. but its okay. as long as ppl could read it. well byeee <3

michael44 said...

good job but its a little messy

krystal44 said...

WOW Darnell....Thank you very much for picking me -_-....GOOD JOB BTW !

charis said...

good job darnell

mikayla7-44 said...

good job DARNELL hahaha lol :)

vicky7-44 said...

good job darnell, ;)

Alvin744 said...

good job darnell !and dont give the number of the day answers

Elona744 said...

Haha , nice job darnell .

jerick44 said...

good job darnell, but u should use more colours. GOOD JOB !

jeric744 said...

WOW GOOD JOB DARNELL !!! I LOVED how u explained like almost everything !!! and also use a bit more colour k !!! anyways good job

Marielle 7-44 said...

good job darnell (:

ChristineAnne44 said...

hey darnell , goood job (:

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