Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MARCH 18TH 2009 !

Hi People ! :D

In math class today,we did number of the day.The number was 2936.324. Then we wrote notes. We learned "Area of Triangle". Here are the notes.

Rectangle Area A=BxH
A=4 cm2

Triangle Area

A=BxH /2
A=20 cm

He also gave us questions to do.Here`s some of them

A=36 m2. Find the height.

Find the base.

Thanks for looking. :D

I pick Elissa for the next blog. BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE !


Justin 744 said...

good job , hah finally.

elissa44 said...

good job , krystal .
i like how you used pictures of your own, but it was kinda short , you could of put a video . BUT GOOOOOD JOB !

charis said...

good job kyrstal , and finally you did the blog .

Marielle 7-44 said...

uhm good job. but it was kinda short though.

Darnell7-44 said...

Good job krystal, but add more detail and some more questions.

Kisha744 said...

good job. haha, its so short. and yay, you didnt pick me. aha.

jerick44 said...

good job krystal, i like your pictures

bruce7-44 said...

good job on the blog,thanks.

ChristineAnne44 said...

hey krystal , great job!

vicky7-44 said...

good job krystal ;)

jaeson7-44 said...

good job .

michael44 said...

nice job on the pictures

mikayla7-44 said...

good job on the blog thx for doing it hahahaha!

Raquel744 said...

good job krystal ! (:

Alexander44 said...

Good job Krystal nice pictures

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