Tuesday, March 24, 2009

scribe post march 24 2009

Number of the day is homework everyday. But we didn't have time to do it because we had a quiz. Before we did the quiz we wrote down these notes.

How do we make an angle bisector?

1. Free hand , not perfect and not accurate enough.

2. Protractor

3. Compass

a) arc from vertex

b) arc from pt. s (intersection of line and arc)

c) arc from pt. t (intersection of line and arc)

d) line from arc intersection to vertex that is you angle bisector

After the notes we started on the test. There was two pages, four sides and 40 questions.

Here are some of the questions.


T-1. The height of a parallelogram is always perpendicular to its base.

F-2. The area of a parallelogram is calculated using its length and width.

F-3. The formula of a triangle is A= b x h.

T-4. Lines in the same plane that do not intersect are called parallel lines.

T-5. Angle bisectors can be constructed by using a compass and a ruler.

Multiple choice

C- 15. A perpendicular line segment is a line segment that

a. divides an angle into two equal parts

b. divides another line segment in half

c. divides another line segment in half and forms an angle of 90 degrees

d. forms an angle of 90 degrees with another line segment


26. Lines that intersect at right angles are called perpendicular lines.

27. The height of a parallelogram is always at a right angle to its base.

28.The formula for the area of a triangle is A= b x h/2

29. You can find the area of a parallelogram if you know its base and height.


a. area of a parallelogram e. obtuse angle

b. area of a rectangle f. height

c. area of a triangle g. line segment

d. acute angle h. vertex

b- 33. A= l x w

d- 34. an angle that is less than 90 degrees

a- 35. A= b x h

c- 36. A= b x h/ 2

h- 37. a point on a figure where two sides meet

Short answer

38. What are two methods for drawing an angle bisector?

- Protractor and ruler or compass


40. George is painting a triangular mural to cover one of his attic walls. How much area will George have to paint?

I hoped you liked the video
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krystal44 said...

Wooohooooo ! That was AWESOME ! I like how you put all of the test answers ! You go girl ! Good job !
Btw AHAHAHAHA nice video (y)

charis said...

good job kisha .
nice video {y}

bruce7-44 said...

good job on the blog, liked how you put the answers for the test and what work we did in class.

Darnell7-44 said...

Good job Kisha. I like how you used the bold lettering and how you gave the notes and quiz answers. Nice video too.

eddy744 said...

Good job i liked the vido

jaeson7-44 said...

good job kisha, i liked how you put all the answers that was on our test, and nice video .

Alexander44 said...

Nice post I liked how you put the answers to the test

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wow good job you got all the questions in the test

Marielle 7-44 said...

WOW,i liked the video (:

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW i LOVED the video it was soo cool lol :P good job :)

vanessa 744 said...

hhahahaha :D great job. sorry my comment is kinda late but good job. thats good that you put test answers on there so people could study the answer(s) they got wrong. nice video and good job on making words stand out. :D

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